When you’ve got the flu,
Make sure you target the real Suspect

Target the real suspect, not just the symptoms. 

Even in otherwise healthy people, the flu can lead to a range of severe and life-threatening complications,1,2 which is why it’s important to act fast.

But what can you do to beat it? 

Unlike over-the-counter remedies, which only provide short-term relief from symptoms of the flu,3 antiviral treatments target the real suspect, the flu virus.4

By targeting the flu virus at its source, antiviral treatments can help to shorten the length of time you're ill, as well as minimising the risk of complications.5,6

When you get hit with the flu, target the flu virus directly, don’t just tackle the symptoms. Click on one of the topics below to learn more. 

What  is
the flu?

Who is
high risk?

Have I
got the

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How do
flu antivirals

Why act
within 48

Fact or

Beat the flu, don’t let it beat you. Ask your doctor if an antiviral is right for you. 

It's important to speak to your doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible. 

Find out more about the flu in your local area using the APACI flu surveillance report


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